Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 2 Leaving Yacht Haven

No free loading on this trip , put to work after a lovely breakfast by Lee &Neil , no Jan so I became the galley (bitch) butch . No swabbing the decks yet but it is sure to come . Great temperature blue skies , blue sea , fab Yacht don't come free .

Giving me a false sense of security's what do they do . Take me to my favorite eatery on Koh Naka island Eco Resort , better known as Cold beer resort . Small Island ,lush green , great food , except we were too early for my favorite fish . The fisherman hadn't arrived . Plied me with alcohol And other great food . Who are they fooling .

The cold beer Resort


  1. Don't worry Jan, you will always be the bestest "Galley Bitch", though the "Galley Butch" is managing better than expected!

  2. Very impressive Ray. There'll be no jobs left for me - Bar Bitch perhaps??