Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 10 Close to the End

Up early again , if I had a hangover I wouldn't be up early . Getting a bit Blaise about the scenery , who am I kidding . Up anchor before breakfast this morning . Breakfast on the move , beat that . Fresh fruit , Neil is real happy with the toast he made in the new toaster , happy captain happy crew . This is better than a revolving restaurant .

We're off further around the coast to Nai Harn Bay . Passing resorts and about 100 yachts putting on a display for us getting ready for a race . We would have entered but with the crew on this yacht we had too much of an advantage so we kept going .

Another thing to mention , the incessant music from the time you get up until you go to bed . I havnt heard the same song twice , at home it is twice a day and the same the next . I think Neil is trying to give me culture with his extreme wide range of music . It puts me to sleep , either that or the slow rolling of the boat in the breeze , but most likely the stress I'm under .

Surprise for lunch a Aussie meat pie ( made by a Thai ) and sauce had with a can of beer .Go the bombers .

Clearest water we've had so far so of coarse have to have a swim . Helped Neil for a while on water purifier , must have done lousy job Lee took over , oh well snooze on deck didn't go astray . Stress again or Neil's music .

Another swim then sat on foredeck and watched one of the best sunsets since I've been here . Actually did a JAN , she loves photos of sunsets to the point of obsession . I took heaps , for you Jan .

Shirt on , bugger , no shoes required dingy to shore , great spot but meal not up to scratch with those before . Back to boat , usual stuff , bed .

Beautiful Nai Harn Bay view from our back step

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