Thursday, September 26, 2013

23/9/13. 24/9/13. Home sweet second home

Up , pack no problem , breakfast as usual no problem , purchase lettuce ? no prOblem , back , grab bags  no problem , check out no comment . Taxi to  Tana Emerah port , that's right port , not airport . We're off to Indonesia , home no  not yet . Neil and Lee are only 45 min away on Crystal Blues . All the usual things that you do at airport , queue , customs , x,rays , finally onto boat .

Looks crowded , actually 9 others on board , our BO must have been bad .

Arrived 45 min late as quoted . Once again much the same as airport , except one small queue . Paid 20 US dollars , all they will accept !!! We're in Indonesia , smiling chap standing there with sign , Crystal Blues , our lift to Nonsa Point Resort . Arrived , welcoming crowd cheering our arrival , well Lee standing quietly with smile on her dial . 

Remember my earlier blogg , well the same again , blue seas , blue sky's , green islands . This time , unfortunately no sailing as we only have until next day , next best thing we are staying aboard while in a resort Marina . Lee takes us to the boat where we are greeted by a naked captain , he was naked but we could only see his top half , complained HS . He had just had a shower to greet us , we must be special . He dressed in traditional sailing attire , shorts .

The galley bitch and I boarded  yes name change . Of course I had to get into boat crew gear too , shorts . Well Lee and Neil gave us their usual welcome , great lunch prepared by Lee with our lettuce , our contribution  , 1/2 and  1/2 drink , thirst quenching .  It felt like we hadn't left , even though it had been months . Swim in the resort pool , with local kids .

There were kids there , it was a big pool . This is relaxing . Yes that's me . We talked , relaxed , read , old fart napped , well I'm not a grandpa . Basically chilled out , one of the positives was , it wasn't costing us a fortune like Singapore  , in fact it was FREE . No Grand Prix . 

For tea , Lee and Neil did there usual , off into the middle of nowhere to a local eatery .  

Fresh fish , still kicking , the rest looks pretty bad also , not . See I'm being hip , 
We were over the water and we were the  only  four there , cant understand , we did shower before we went . 

Back to yacht with full bellies , into our cabin bed , so familiar , crashed .

Morning , the usual , fresh fruit , toast prepared by Captain Neil , tea and coffee in the cockpit . Blue sea , blue sky , green mountain , charming resort , and this is the rainy season . Captain had to do some work so the 3 of us walked through 2 resorts and along waters edge . 

To cut it short Lee and Neil gave us their usual fabulous hospitality , as always . Reluctantly ,  it was time to leave , driven back to boat . Usual rigmarole , customs etc , nothing happens in a hurry here . Boarded , had to fight crowd for seat , the galley bitch wanted the same seat as me , we were the only 2 passengers . Taxi to airport , flight home .

                      THE END 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

22/9/13 The day after the day before .

Breakfast again at Brunetti . This time HS ordered so I got my pancakes .  Back to Marina Bay Sands , no problems with train , once bitten . Up to observation deck , it was open .

13  Lamborghini's next door , now I know what was keeping me awake .

As close as we got to race track and as close as I wanted to be . Also why this part of holiday was costing so much . Bloody grand pricks ! 

Where we paid $10 dollars for entry to top . That's a revolving bar on top .

That smile again , long way down dear . 

HS had enough , insisted we check out shopping centre below , ok as long as I get a hot chocolate .
No not a beer .

Bring on hot chocolate with marshmallow .

Getting old had to go home for rest before night zoo . Sorry no photos at night zoo as no flash allowed , too dark . Good time had by me watching HS jump each time she thought something was touching her neck . Finally woke up , ouch .

Great place but finally time . Home to expensive bed , for price paid bed should have given massage as well . Hello bed at home , it won't be long .

Monday, September 23, 2013

21/9/13 Sightseeing . O goody .

Breakfast too expensive in hotel , bloody Grand Prix . 37 Singa dollars each , no way Jose . Next door was Brunetti's . I ordered muesli for HS and pancakes for me . Some thing wrong in translation , HS got  muesli , I got bacon , just bacon ? At least it was good bacon , and cheap . 20 Singa dollars for both , not that I'm a Scrooge , a little maybe , but I hate being ripped off .

Singapore met system here we come , little confusion at first , may have something to do that the machines don't accept Euros , sorted , were off to Gardens by the bay .

It would seem that nearly every Singaporean , has an umbilical cord from there ear to a phone or iPad . Followed one Singa on the train , off ,up escalator and out into street , the whole time watching a movie .     

Arrived at station as we took one extra stop as per signs . Exit machine won't let us exit , must happen a lot as stall available , had to pay 10 cents more . 

The big one in middle has restaurant at top and bar very top . Up we went , only after handing over $10 each . They did give you a juice each , but if you wanted a small beer $18 . Went without , I have standards .

That's not a smile on her face . Don't look down through grate that your walking on . Impressive greenery ?

If this pose is good enough for the Asians . That's security in back ground , she kept following me ? 

Down we go over to the Cloud Walk .will be interesting .

Funny hat ? 

 No comment required .

Next the flower dome , I'm so excited ! 

As it was just across road , we decided to go to observation deck of Marina Bay Sands . After lots of walking finally got to entrance at 3:30 Pm . Closed from 3:00 pm for special function . Bloody Gran Pricks again . 

Caught train back , entry gates won't let us in , another 10 cents each . Decided to walk further along Orchard rd . Down one side , back the other . Both near dead on feet . Thank goodness , for as we passed Abercrombie and filch , a bare chested , handsome six pack was standing in entrance . HS was more buggered than I , so I just managed to pull her away .

Very tired meal by pool at hotel , could not walk any further , struggled to bed , stick it Walton's .

Sunday, September 22, 2013

20/9/13. Singapore

380 airbus , if you can only travel cattle class , then the 380 is the way to go , a step above , more room all round and quieter . Arrived Singa , more queueing , not to bad , compared to Istanbul , any place else is better . Changed money , Singa dollars and 20 Yanky dollars , to get into  Indonesia to see Lee and Neil . Every one wants our money . 

Limo ride to hotel , only because he wanted a return trip . Was going to charge more but HS questioned him and gave him her don't try and rip me off look , he immediately changed the meter .

We now know why everything is so expensive  , the Grand Prix is on . We could have had a whole suite any other time for the price were paying for a standard room . Some one fell down on the research , oh , that would be me .

Walked to orchard rd , bustling , Pizza and beer for tea . Stuffed from traveling back to room and crashed . Bugger your good night . 

Who's the pretty one , the one in red and white of course . Suck .

How pretty .

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Last day Turkey. 19/9/13

Trouble with our room is you seem to hear all the wake up phone calls , if the guy in the minaret  thingy doesn't wake you , then one of these phone calls does .

Same routine this morning , some packing , then off to fill in time wandering . HS getting lazy , insists on taking sardine tram Back to Grand Bazaar ,  catch must have been poor , not many sardines , sorry bloody tourists . This time we walk around outside bazaar , what an experience , some spots appear to be bulk sales or shipments  and no one trying to sell . 

Notice no photos , HS claims she is over it , I think she just can't raise her arm . Walked back through side streets , hotel and last time in disco room , might have to get one of these mirrors for home . Finish packing , get a move along phone call from reception , give us a break , HS has to put her face on again .

Check out , bags stored , 3 hrs to fill in . HS wants to do Turkish sit on floor restaurant experience again 

This is ladies in front of shop cooking our lunch . Left with full belly . Sat in park with young Turkish cuddly couples every where . Suggested to HS we show them how it is done , do you need to guess the answer .
Headed back past De Ja Vue , restaurant from night before . Italian Turkish guy again , as if I don't exist , goodbyes , come again , hand kisses , get a PARK . 

Picked up bags , waited for transport , which didn't arrive , ordered Taxi , which did . Airport . Thankfully it didn't take as long to leave through customs  as it did on arrivell  , glad to see back of us . Not much of airport . 

Arrived Dubai airport , no tours this time , straight to terminal . New experience on leaving , train to terminal A , new , more duty free , more seating and direct onto plane . Love new experiences .


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18/9/13. Aya Sophia

Forgot to mention , as you probably gathered no buskers following us around in Turkey . What we do have is some chap , with a not so special voice singing in some strange language , waking us up about 5:15 every morning . I think he is hiding in one of those minaret thingies . The reason I say that is the closer we are to one the louder he is . He also has a go at different times during the day , shifty bugger as I can't spot him even when I'm right next to one of those minaret thingies . 

Any way up , usual stuff , get moving , empty bus after empty bus pass us , must be going to pick up tourists . wrong , they just dumped the  lot of them at Aya Sophia . Bloody  tourists . Aya Sophia was a church , then a mosque , then a museum , why am i telling you this , google it . By the way HS  is complaining about here RSI again , easy solution .

Entrance not so special , but you must remember it is a little old .

Inside , for those that can read Arabic the writing in the centre is from the Koran .

Tiny little mosaic pieces , make up this scene of JC . 

Dead people , all one family in one of 5 Mauseleums , HS helped with the spelling .

Across the road to Basilica Cistern , for the ignorant , this is where they use to store the water for Topkapi Palace . Once again google or better still jump a plane .

Some bloody big fish down here . Take my word for it .

The statue of 
Medussa  turned me into stone , well at least I reckon I out stony faced her .

Scary , not the light in background , the bird on left , the one who can't raise her right arm .

Left here , bought some beer , HS insisted , and visited Bronwyn and chippy two of tour group ,at their new digs , ( the new place there staying ) drinks on their terrace , views of ocean ,lunch at nearby restaurant and were off . Went for walk , stopped at genuine Turkish restaurant where you sat on carpets on floor . Easy to get down , bit hard getting up .

Have to fess up , you thought this trip was about seeing very old stuff . The truth is ,it was all about how many places we could eat at and how much local alcohol we can drink . Now you know .

Back to hotel and Disco room , rest to let food settle and off to old favorite restaurant around corner . 
Greeted like Royalty , well at least HS was , I think the owner has a bit of Italian in him , mr smooth .
Seated us where he could keep an eye on HS . Lovely meal , then complementary sweets and apple tea .wish HS would stop smiling at him , I'm full .

Finished , said final goodbyes , adios , tears in his eyes and we left . Parting is such sweet sorrow .
Hotel , disco room bed .
Good night again John boy .

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

17/9/13 Sardines and Bazaar

Up , usual stuff , down to 4 people for breakfast . Off to Grand Bazaar , first drop off laundry , my clothes getting bit smelly . Caught sardine tram , packed in that tight , no oil , bit of garlic , bit of BO, fun ride ! Actually it was an experience .  

Entrance to Grand Bazaar , we beat crowds again ,

O wife you are the light of my life  , o yuk ! Poetry is definitely not my forte .

Still no crowds , note the shiny chrome dome . My head people .
There is 64 lanes and 2000 shops , shoppers paradise . Only bought 1 , yes 1 t shirt . 18 TL . ( $10 )
That could be because we're broke . Managed a coffee each , loose change in back pack .

Walk back to Hotel to disco room , HS needs 1/2 hr Nana Nap .
Made some on and off Viber phone calls. Happy birthday Jules , hi Helen , Mick , hi Mozz , hang in there . 

Decided to go to Taksim Square . First board sardine tram . Get to stop part way there , every one gets up I sit down , wow a seat . Next all these niceTurkish people start talking and gesturing at us , penny drops got to get off . Go to move left to platform , no , Turkish man turns me right facing tracks , he's trying to kill me , out we go . Hang on others doing same . All these people were only helping , but I know what they were saying , dumb bloody Aussie tourists . Ok so they're right .

Board next tram , not so squeezy . End of stop down up down , find Funicular , why they call it fun I don't know , no one was telling jokes or laughing , and you only see grey walls . 

Arrived at top , Taksim square , where's the protests , mainly police , HS reputation must have proceeded her . Well I wanted to start up a protest , a protest to replace Abbott with Turnbull . 
Abbott who, Turnbull who , protest was a fizzier . No riots , no baton charge , 1 single protester . 

Hey HS , has she pinched your jeans ?

No one to protest , a bit of a concrete jungle , there is park off to left .

A bit dissappointing , went and had a drink to drown my dissappointment of course . Found hotel where we were originally going to stay . Another story . Back down the unfunicular , onto not so squeezy sardine tram , no halfway stops this time ,no Turks laughing at us , back to hotel .

Found new street for eating , about 20 min walk . Wall to wall eaterys both sides of road . One joint must have been Aussie , bloke standing outside balancing 3 glasses of beer on his head , one on top of each other while he danced to everyone's cheering . Definitely Aussie joint .

Got conned by restaurant owner to eat at his place , best conn I've had , best meal I've had . Spicy lamb , still sizzling on plate , yum .Sat beside Aussie chicks on left , loverly young ladies , and spoilt yank brat on right . HS talked me into sweets , twisted my arm actually . They are apparently famous for their banana and chocolate crepe , 1 for me thanks , none says HS . 

What does the bloody waiter do , brings out 2 plates and 2 spoons , I had to share one of the best sweets ever . Not happy Ray . Got over it on walk home , needed walk . Hotel , disco room , bed . 

Goodnight all .