Monday, September 9, 2013

8/9/13. On the road again .

Up , breakfast , must have substanance  . Or for those that cant spell , food in gut . 

Stopped off little roadside stop . Turkey really is going to ruins , there every where . The Lycian city of Phaselis , 7th century BC . Looking a little worn around edges . Next to a nice beach if you don't mind pebbles instead of sand and Russians . There not coming , there here . 

How's this for a bit of old and new . A bit of head banging in an old colosseum . 

The beach and the invading Russians , not with weapons , just money .
We showed them some Aussie grit and went for swim , Aussie Aussie Aussie 
Back onto bus , more bald jokes , come on give it up . 
Heading off for lunch .

This place was actually a fish farm , our table was over a fish pen . Which fish would you like sir , just stick your hand in and grab .
We had there speciality , wait for it , trout no , brim no, actually , GOAT . Go figure . It was delicious , and the Russians haven't discovered this place yet .  HS trusted some one to take our photo , by the look on her face maybe not . Back on bus , a parting B joke and were off again . 

Off to seaside village of Kas , pronounced Karsh . Wow and double wow what a spot . Yachts , tour boats , eateries by the dozens views , clear blue water , eateries by the dozens , shops , eateries by the dozens , there seams to be a theme here . Let's just say I liked it , ok , and did I mention the eateries . 

View from our balcony .

Guide took us to a seafood restaurant , near water , pick your fish and they cook it .

A special toast at end of night , of course HS had to get involved . One glass of Raki , one glass of beet root juice ,goat cheese and slices of melon . You took a sip of each drink and then a taste of cheese and melon in that order . Lady on left didn't approve or maybe it was the beet root juice .

This is my Raki drinking buddy . HS and the others piked and the two of us and the guide Memis kicked on drinking Raki's . Thank god it's not a big village otherwise Karen would have struggled carrying me home . Thats what drinking buddies are for . Handed me over to not so happy , HS and off to bed I go . Good night .

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