Sunday, September 22, 2013

20/9/13. Singapore

380 airbus , if you can only travel cattle class , then the 380 is the way to go , a step above , more room all round and quieter . Arrived Singa , more queueing , not to bad , compared to Istanbul , any place else is better . Changed money , Singa dollars and 20 Yanky dollars , to get into  Indonesia to see Lee and Neil . Every one wants our money . 

Limo ride to hotel , only because he wanted a return trip . Was going to charge more but HS questioned him and gave him her don't try and rip me off look , he immediately changed the meter .

We now know why everything is so expensive  , the Grand Prix is on . We could have had a whole suite any other time for the price were paying for a standard room . Some one fell down on the research , oh , that would be me .

Walked to orchard rd , bustling , Pizza and beer for tea . Stuffed from traveling back to room and crashed . Bugger your good night . 

Who's the pretty one , the one in red and white of course . Suck .

How pretty .

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