Sunday, September 15, 2013

14/9/13. Lest we forget

Wake up call 5:30 , for real , bags out 6:00 , brekky , how can you enjoy it at this time of morning , 6:45 walk to ferry , have to keep us awake somehow .leaving Asia returning to Europe .

Proof is in the picture .

Joke time over for time being , heading to Gallipoli peninsula .

A very somber but enlightening place . Gives you an insight into both the Anzacs and the Turks . Both sides endured both extreme hardship and bravery . We also watched a video from the Turkish perspective taken from personnel experience and letters from both sides . You have to remember they were fighting to protect their homeland and in doing so suffered greater losses than the Anzacs . But there appeared to be no real animosity from either side .

This written by Ataturk I found really moving .hope you can read it .

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  1. I can understand moving that must have been but also very special xx