Thursday, September 19, 2013

Last day Turkey. 19/9/13

Trouble with our room is you seem to hear all the wake up phone calls , if the guy in the minaret  thingy doesn't wake you , then one of these phone calls does .

Same routine this morning , some packing , then off to fill in time wandering . HS getting lazy , insists on taking sardine tram Back to Grand Bazaar ,  catch must have been poor , not many sardines , sorry bloody tourists . This time we walk around outside bazaar , what an experience , some spots appear to be bulk sales or shipments  and no one trying to sell . 

Notice no photos , HS claims she is over it , I think she just can't raise her arm . Walked back through side streets , hotel and last time in disco room , might have to get one of these mirrors for home . Finish packing , get a move along phone call from reception , give us a break , HS has to put her face on again .

Check out , bags stored , 3 hrs to fill in . HS wants to do Turkish sit on floor restaurant experience again 

This is ladies in front of shop cooking our lunch . Left with full belly . Sat in park with young Turkish cuddly couples every where . Suggested to HS we show them how it is done , do you need to guess the answer .
Headed back past De Ja Vue , restaurant from night before . Italian Turkish guy again , as if I don't exist , goodbyes , come again , hand kisses , get a PARK . 

Picked up bags , waited for transport , which didn't arrive , ordered Taxi , which did . Airport . Thankfully it didn't take as long to leave through customs  as it did on arrivell  , glad to see back of us . Not much of airport . 

Arrived Dubai airport , no tours this time , straight to terminal . New experience on leaving , train to terminal A , new , more duty free , more seating and direct onto plane . Love new experiences .


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