Tuesday, September 17, 2013

16/9/13 I'm off to see the Harem .

Shower , breakfast , you know the drill . At Topkapi Palace before opening , before crowds , I hate Queues . Straight to Harem , 300 rooms , 9 Turkish baths , 2 Mosques , a hospital , but where's the semi naked women lounging about . I've been ripped off .

Plenty more pictures if you want , HS was on a roll .

A local woman from here at last , wanted to arrest me when I asked her when she was going to get into harem outfit .

Pretty advanced for 14th century , even got fire hydrants .
What a place , there would have to be more than a million tiles in the place , Harem and Palace .

Weaponry , costumes and the jewelry , lots and lots of magnificent jewelry . Not allowed to take photos 
Met one of fellow travelers , coffee then walked down to Spice Bazaar  , onto Galati Bridge where HS had a fresh fish sandwich . No smelly fish jokes thanks .Walked bridge , then back across heading back to hotel . Stopped for required refreshment . 

Alright women , I now know your secret . Hair cuts and pampering . Next to bar was a barber offering Turkish shave , well I do have a lot to shave . Lather up , longest lather ever , shave , nose trim , eye brow trim and then ear trim using fire , that's rite Fire , I closed my eyes for that . Then to top it off the best head massage I ever had . I'm looking for a Turkish barber when I get home .

Hard to tell , that is actually fire in his right hand . As smooth as a baby's bum .

Dinner with a view again . 

Home to Disco room. Off to bed exhausted .

Good night  Spunky Trunks . 

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