Tuesday, September 24, 2013

22/9/13 The day after the day before .

Breakfast again at Brunetti . This time HS ordered so I got my pancakes .  Back to Marina Bay Sands , no problems with train , once bitten . Up to observation deck , it was open .

13  Lamborghini's next door , now I know what was keeping me awake .

As close as we got to race track and as close as I wanted to be . Also why this part of holiday was costing so much . Bloody grand pricks ! 

Where we paid $10 dollars for entry to top . That's a revolving bar on top .

That smile again , long way down dear . 

HS had enough , insisted we check out shopping centre below , ok as long as I get a hot chocolate .
No not a beer .

Bring on hot chocolate with marshmallow .

Getting old had to go home for rest before night zoo . Sorry no photos at night zoo as no flash allowed , too dark . Good time had by me watching HS jump each time she thought something was touching her neck . Finally woke up , ouch .

Great place but finally time . Home to expensive bed , for price paid bed should have given massage as well . Hello bed at home , it won't be long .

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