Sunday, September 15, 2013

13/9/13. Friday the 13 th

Not much today , mostly travel , watched videos of Ataturk , the leader of the new Turkey , pretty amazing dude . Remember I'm not a travel guide so google him , worth it .
 Hashis  sorry Memis ( memish )  warned us after all we had seen that Troy was not all that spectacular .how wrong was he have a look at next picture .

A real Trojan horse with three tough Looking broards inside . 

What was there was 4000 yrs old , to far gone for the renovators . Troy existed but they are not sure about the horse and subsequent  battle , even though the city was destroyed and rebuilt 9 times . They were gluttons for punishment those Trojans .

Back on bus , this was a real , the wheels on the bus go round and round time . 

Arrived at Canakkale  a gooorgos bustling water front town . Went for walk with HS and her recovering elbow . HS is getting into the Turkey thing and drinking raki with me .

Pretty cool too , she is also only having it with ice . Told her if she wants to be leader , she needed to toughen up , none of this wimpy white wine .
Hey we found the real Trojan horse .

Well it was the one in the movie with my cousin Brad Pitt . See the resemblance , me not HS .

Dinner the last night of travel , on the water front . I know more food more drink , so hard to take , only do it to be sociable . Walk along water front  then home to bed . Goodnight Ben .

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