Monday, September 9, 2013

7/9/13 Day , who cares .

History , Merlana , a bloke , was the founder of these dudes ,the whirling dervishes , we went to his Museum , his original place , also where he and his family were buried . No photos are allowed to be taken inside as a matter of respect . It was amazing how much respect the people have for this character . No for real .

Off over mountains to Antalya , travel all over the country side , ask the Pitts , ask the Pitts . 

Stopped  for a Pitt stop , actually lunch , beaut meal , desert , special butter on raw honey comb , apparently a aphrodisiac , hence me on massage chair , HS instructions ,  work it off  ray , great .

An aside , no one is picking on HS this trip , instead my bald head is the but of all jokes , how unkind , don't they realize how sensitive I am . 

Off again , travel all over the Turkish side , ask the Pitts , ask the Pitts . Well at least HS , as again I'm no travel guide .

Stopped of at Aspendos amphitheater , on the outskirts of Antalya .

The Kiwi behind me keeps asking me to remove my hat so she can tell a bald joke , not nice .

A modern Roman viaduct on side of road ,well compared to age of some of the things we've seen it is modern . As you can see I haven't ditched HS yet , even though she made me wast my aphrodisiac . 

Continued on , travel all along the outskirts , ask the travel agent . Arrived hotel , after more bald jokes , how many more can they come up with . Swim in pool , dressed , guide takes us to sea side restaurant , again great choice . Tour through modern section on way , the place a buzz . Fab meal , fab price , lousy bald jokes , they still have not run out .

Back to hotel this time through old section , what a bigger buzz . 
To bed , aphrodisiac worn off , damn . Off to bald headed sleep .

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