Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3/9/13. Day 2 Turkey Tour Wheels on bus continue

Up with the sun , no choice , Hotel saving costs , only half a curtain .pre pack , breakfast , well sort of , 1 cereal , no bowls , coffee if you can call it that , you get the drift .

First stop , Anatolian civilization museum of Ankara , by the way this is the capital of Turkey .

I won't bore you now with all the pictures HS took , she is back in form . It was a very interesting Museum . 

Had to have a decent coffee before we left . Not sure which of us had B O , but there is a definite gap there . 
Five hrs traveling to go  . The wheels on the bus go round and round . 

Sorry missed photo of HS with all her mates .
Stopped for lunch .

Speciality of area , some kind of pizza .

No explanation needed .

 howTurkish is this .  

Back on bus , the wheels on bus go round and round . 
Landscape not unlike north west NSW in summer .
The wheels go round and round . Arrived at second biggest lake in Turkey , one big salt pan . Could have gone to Point Cook if I wanted to see salt . Hi Mick , Helen . 
Back on bus , the wheels go round .
Toilet stop .
The wheels go . 
Coming into Cappadocia , wow , what a change of scenery , fantastic . What wheels .

These photos don't do the landscape justice , taken on moving bus .

Arrived at hotel , Ciner  at Goreme ,  not bad , cleaned up , off to 300 year old Turkish baths .

They said Turkish bath not make up party , with donkey ? On face .      

Guess who is over with the men again , men with ? On there faces .

Sorry no more photos from here on , camera not allowed , had to prize it from HS hand .
Thought we would be segregated , nope , what a continuos laugh . 
Sauna , then exfoliated ,then lay on hot marble , all together , no not in the altogether , keep your minds clean , but still in only these tea towels . While on hot marble we are soaped up , very soaped up , washed  then massaged while still on hot marble slab . This is happening to about 6 people  on same slab , with others on slab waiting their turn . Bugger any dignity , that stayed outside . 

Plunge in jacuzzi , interesting getting in and out with only a tea towel on , especially HS who had mini tea towel , would have loved a camera then . Personnel viewing only of course !! Possible others had personnel viewing .  Shower ,dressed then hot apple tea . What an experience .

Back to apartment , rest , don't need to clean then off to cave restaurant . 

HS wanted to wear silly hat insisted I did too . I think she looked silliest .

Traditional method of cooking meal in ceramic pot for 6 hrs then the top is cracked open and meal poured out . HS doing her own cracking , hopefully that's all she will be cracking .

Good Turkish food , good local wine , what more could you ask for ? 

Back to hotel , night cap and bed . Good night , don't let the bed bug bite .

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