Monday, September 23, 2013

21/9/13 Sightseeing . O goody .

Breakfast too expensive in hotel , bloody Grand Prix . 37 Singa dollars each , no way Jose . Next door was Brunetti's . I ordered muesli for HS and pancakes for me . Some thing wrong in translation , HS got  muesli , I got bacon , just bacon ? At least it was good bacon , and cheap . 20 Singa dollars for both , not that I'm a Scrooge , a little maybe , but I hate being ripped off .

Singapore met system here we come , little confusion at first , may have something to do that the machines don't accept Euros , sorted , were off to Gardens by the bay .

It would seem that nearly every Singaporean , has an umbilical cord from there ear to a phone or iPad . Followed one Singa on the train , off ,up escalator and out into street , the whole time watching a movie .     

Arrived at station as we took one extra stop as per signs . Exit machine won't let us exit , must happen a lot as stall available , had to pay 10 cents more . 

The big one in middle has restaurant at top and bar very top . Up we went , only after handing over $10 each . They did give you a juice each , but if you wanted a small beer $18 . Went without , I have standards .

That's not a smile on her face . Don't look down through grate that your walking on . Impressive greenery ?

If this pose is good enough for the Asians . That's security in back ground , she kept following me ? 

Down we go over to the Cloud Walk .will be interesting .

Funny hat ? 

 No comment required .

Next the flower dome , I'm so excited ! 

As it was just across road , we decided to go to observation deck of Marina Bay Sands . After lots of walking finally got to entrance at 3:30 Pm . Closed from 3:00 pm for special function . Bloody Gran Pricks again . 

Caught train back , entry gates won't let us in , another 10 cents each . Decided to walk further along Orchard rd . Down one side , back the other . Both near dead on feet . Thank goodness , for as we passed Abercrombie and filch , a bare chested , handsome six pack was standing in entrance . HS was more buggered than I , so I just managed to pull her away .

Very tired meal by pool at hotel , could not walk any further , struggled to bed , stick it Walton's .

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