Tuesday, September 17, 2013

15/9/13. Sailing , sailing , not exactly .

Not quite the final supper but actually final breakfast with group . After departure of rest , the remaining 7 took ferry to tour Bosphorus , I'll do tour guide here , that is the strip of water starting at Istanbul , joining the Marmara sea through to Black Sea , want more info , google . 3hr return trip , not untill we were on board did we discover 3hr stop in middle , oops .

Just a sample of some of sights on way up . We should get Turks to build our bridges . Much wider and a hell of a lot longer . If you want more pics HS is over her RSI . Europe on left , sorry Port and Asia on Starboard . How nautical of me . 

This is Anadolu Kavagi , note renovators delight on right . We had to fill in time so walked up hill to castle . 

Not much of a castle but entrance to Black Sea was once protected by it .

The Turks are building a bridge across that expanse , we can't even build across the bloody Yarra .
That's the Black Sea past that point .

Half way back down , need to build stamina up again with drink , o yes and food .

Won't bore you with return trip , actually I think I slept . On return went to Spice Market , what a sensory experience , someone  else's words but I will pinch them .

Feeling hungry ? 
Headed back to hotel , coffee and beer on way back , needed energy , ok I just needed a drink .
Hotel cleaned up HS and I out for tea , first crap meal of trip ,   P-st off . Back to Disco room and bed .
Good night Mama .

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