Sunday, September 15, 2013

14/9/13. Continued

Left Gallipoli and continued on to Istanbul , the wheels on the bus went round and round and round and round , get my drift . Hit Istanbul , you think Melbourne's peak hour is bad , well this wasn't peak and it was still worse .finally arrived at hotel , given disco sweet .

For real our bedroom , we had the lights but no music .

Went for walk needed drink after trip , that was HS excuse anyway . Found roof top bar with views in all directions . Aya Sophia in background .

The Blue Mosque , no not the napkin holder in front , the rather large building in back . Some people .

See we were in the same place together .

View out other side , sorry Neil and Lee no yachts this time , we did see a lot when we flew in .

Back to disco room , clean up out for dinner , my drinking buddy Karen , and Maree joined us . Back to hotel , said our good nights and up to disco room . After a bit of moving and grooving , off to bed  get your minds out of the gutter again . 
Goodnight  Elizabeth .

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