Thursday, September 12, 2013

10/9/13. Turkey in ruins

Rise and shine . I don't think it has stopped shining since we hit turkey , in fact temperature climbing to mid 30 s 

See what I mean , there just sitting back letting the place go to ruin . Bit of concrete , bit of paint it would look like new . Xanthos listed by Unesco , why ?

Funny place to bury someone , if it wasn't on a mountain I would suspect they were scared of flooding .

HS claims she took this picture because it was of significant importance , something about they havn't worked out how to read the writing on it yet . For those who have followed the blogg we really know the reason .

Back on bus , thank Allah the bus has good air conditioning . Off to carpet place , strategy in place with HS , to repel carpet sales men .

Who needs machine when you have this woman , bloody fast .

Remember that strategy , this is where we needed it . 
Our carpet is under there , you guessed strategy failed . Happy HS , happy me , what a load of crap .
Cheap Holliday not so cheap now . At least getting .back on bus was easier as my pocket was a lot lighter, now the stirring is not about BH , but me capitulating .

Next stop Pommy world , actually Oludeniz . Why Pommy world , because it is full of poms of course . They cater for them , sell pommy food , talk pommy but despite this it is a beautiful place on waters edge , with massive cliffs behind  and para gliders landing on beach , Mozz should relate .

HS insisted on having a latte on beach . Notice chocolate spoon . Not chocolate colored , but real chocolate , it tasted good too . They also can make Turkish coffee , if you can drag your eyes into top left hand corner . 

Good things can only last so long , the bus is calling , baldy where are you , even the bus is getting in on the act .

Again more ruins , renovators delight , position position position . 

Next stop a market , just a sampler ( photo ) . Good market except they kept talking to me like I was a Pom , Aussie mate , bloody Aussie .

Restaurent for tea , fish mongers surrounded by restaurants . Pick your seafood , discuss how you want it cooked and they pass it on to restaurant . How good is that , and cheap . We need cheap after the carpet . 

View from our room at hotel , yachts , blue water , blue sky , take it or leave it . 

One for Allen and Neil . 
Early to bed , in state of shock , good night from Baldy .

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