Thursday, September 12, 2013

11/9/13. Where is the bloody water .

You know the drill , up , pack , breakfast hop on bus , were off to see the wizard , no that's wrong , Pamukkale , that's the place . Long trip , stop for lunch , one has to eat . HS must have blister on camera finger , no photos ? And , wait for it , hop on bus of course .
White mountain , well at least a large hill , in distance . Arrive, thousands here , what's going on , very little  water ,  global warming blamed , I think they didn't pay there water bill . 

Normally covered in water 

At least they were still happy 

Found some water at last .

Who said i am white , you can see me can't you .

Dear old lady told me to drink this and I will grow hair , yea but where .

Any one for a second hand tomb , part of the largest ancient tombs in one place . Where ? Remember I'm  not a tour guide .

Pool at hotel , Ho hum .

Tea for two and two for tea , lamb and mushroom casserole . The two , HS and Rachael . I had Turkish mixed grill . As you can see HS is back to normal .

Tummy full , thirst quenched , home to bed with my Turkish delight , HS if your slow on the uptake .

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