Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18/9/13. Aya Sophia

Forgot to mention , as you probably gathered no buskers following us around in Turkey . What we do have is some chap , with a not so special voice singing in some strange language , waking us up about 5:15 every morning . I think he is hiding in one of those minaret thingies . The reason I say that is the closer we are to one the louder he is . He also has a go at different times during the day , shifty bugger as I can't spot him even when I'm right next to one of those minaret thingies . 

Any way up , usual stuff , get moving , empty bus after empty bus pass us , must be going to pick up tourists . wrong , they just dumped the  lot of them at Aya Sophia . Bloody  tourists . Aya Sophia was a church , then a mosque , then a museum , why am i telling you this , google it . By the way HS  is complaining about here RSI again , easy solution .

Entrance not so special , but you must remember it is a little old .

Inside , for those that can read Arabic the writing in the centre is from the Koran .

Tiny little mosaic pieces , make up this scene of JC . 

Dead people , all one family in one of 5 Mauseleums , HS helped with the spelling .

Across the road to Basilica Cistern , for the ignorant , this is where they use to store the water for Topkapi Palace . Once again google or better still jump a plane .

Some bloody big fish down here . Take my word for it .

The statue of 
Medussa  turned me into stone , well at least I reckon I out stony faced her .

Scary , not the light in background , the bird on left , the one who can't raise her right arm .

Left here , bought some beer , HS insisted , and visited Bronwyn and chippy two of tour group ,at their new digs , ( the new place there staying ) drinks on their terrace , views of ocean ,lunch at nearby restaurant and were off . Went for walk , stopped at genuine Turkish restaurant where you sat on carpets on floor . Easy to get down , bit hard getting up .

Have to fess up , you thought this trip was about seeing very old stuff . The truth is ,it was all about how many places we could eat at and how much local alcohol we can drink . Now you know .

Back to hotel and Disco room , rest to let food settle and off to old favorite restaurant around corner . 
Greeted like Royalty , well at least HS was , I think the owner has a bit of Italian in him , mr smooth .
Seated us where he could keep an eye on HS . Lovely meal , then complementary sweets and apple tea .wish HS would stop smiling at him , I'm full .

Finished , said final goodbyes , adios , tears in his eyes and we left . Parting is such sweet sorrow .
Hotel , disco room bed .
Good night again John boy .

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