Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 5 I think , it's starting to become a blurr

That's right , up up and away . Up at 5:00am and away 5:30 , were off ballooning . Up and around dirt tracks with all these round mounds appearing in dark , spooky . HS fingers were worn out by end but will only show a couple of photos . 

Getting ready for lift off , not sure the New Zealand chick is too sure , no one is moving her from that spot .

Approximately  70  to 80 balloons up at same time , 20 passengers + 2 pilots in our basket .
See me fly up , up , to 5500 feet . Hope all gas bottles are full .

HS and all those fairy chimneys , in love valley below , her eyes are starting to glaze over . 

Landed , straight onto trailer , hotel , breakfast , and then , on the road again .
Then to Derinkuyu an underground cave city , estimated 30000 people lived there when hiding from invaders . I think I would rather run fast .

Sorry photos did not do any favors .
Next , a camel train motel , they had another name but mine makes sense . This was for camel masters and camels , pe u . Actually called caravan serai . 

Busy day today , now a walk through a valley , with stream . After going done 390 steps . Could have been worse , going up 390 steps . With all the huffing and puffing not many photos taken . Once again churches , houses cut into walls , been there , seen that . 

Of course at end of walk one must eat . Those tent things behind us are actually in water .
On the road again 
 Next stop , do I sound like a conductor ? To our motel in the city of Konya , the traditional centre of whirling dervishes . Whirling who , google it , remember I'm not a tour guide . This city of 1 1/2  million people is alcohol free , no kidding , I got the sulkes and refused to go out for dinner , I have standards to uphold . To bed , and who is starting to get withdrawals now .

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