Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4/9/13 Day 3 HS obsession day .

    Maybe a little earlier than intended , or a lot , but what a sight to wake up too .
From our bedroom window , it will be us on Friday .

Off to love valley , where HS became obsessed again .

Starting to see a familier pattern here .

De Je vu , is that how it's spelt . Remember chimneys , bit of similarity .

No HS it can't be taken home . What would you want it for anyway .
HS didn't want to leave but Our guide , hashis , sorry Memis , pronounced memish , you can see why I get confused , said there are many more elsewhere . Reluctantly HS , a very happy HS , agreed to leave .

From here we went to a ceramic pottery makers . 

No HS , that is not something special being made for you  . (she got very excited ) , it is actually the stand for him to potter on .
 He is one of their master potters.

Finished product . 

What final product will look like .

Off sightseeing again , every where you look some thing to see , amazing place .

Do I need to comment , you all know by now what she's like . It can be quite embarrassing .

HS trying to do her version of the flying nun , I tried to get her to move back further , where it would have worked , no go .

I could show you heaps of photos , HS nearly wore her finger out taking them , but I won't .

Had lunch , more scenery , stopped for Turkish ice cream , not bad at all . 3 prices on his board , but only charged highest , rich Aussie tourists , they can afford it , one less beer . More scenery . 

Off to open air Museum , Christian churches , all built into rock , thought frescos had been defaced , well they had but it was believed that if you were I'll and you scrapped off a bit of religious frescoe and mixed it with your drink they would be cured . Wonder whether mixed with alcohol it would prevent hangover . Not able to test theory , guard too scary , besides something about life inprisonment .

Actually turned cold , and had short dust storm . Back to hotel to clean up , out for tea and Belly dancing , and no I'm not the star attraction . 

Bit worried when we turned up , place called Uranos , not sure what to expect .

Our group on right , another bunch of yobo Aussies on left . They put all the drinkers in one area .
We seem to have a rep over here , besides it was all you could drink .

Yea the boys were ok .

 HS restricted me to only these two photos . HS happy , Ray not so happy .
Intoxicated drive home , more drinks in our room .we were too slow to shut door . 
Bed at last , jiggle here , jiggle there off to sleep .

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