Sunday, September 15, 2013

12/9/13. Been there , done that .

What are they doing to me , up at 7.30 , 3 s's , breakfast , need my sustenance , hop on bus at 8:30, that's right 8:30 . 3hrs to leather factory . 

Got me up to model , look at those heels and me in thongs , where's Health and safety when you need them . 
Actually they only got me up to tell bald jokes .

Nearly got out without spending any money . At exit , HS was shown jacket that Rachael bought , eyes lit up , bugger . To cut the story short we left with an empty travel card , empty wallet and 2 leather Coates . Double bugger . We were last to leave . 

Pottery , rug  ,  leather jackets , cost more than the bloody trip , bugger , bugger , bugger .

Fresh savory  pancakes for lunch , had to borrow money to pay for lunch and the mandatory beer .

It was hot and early afternoon , guide decided to go to hotel first , relax then Ephesus bit later . 
Been there , done that , doing it again .

I was given the job of guide , follow me , follow me . How easy is that .

No show without punch , just couldn't cope with me being leader .

We needed a loo and this was what was on offer . If you gotta go you gotta go .

We weren't the only ones broke , so Peregrine shouted us tea . Thank God , for that . 
HS was complaining to one and all , that's here down the end opposite the good looking bald guy , that her elbow hurt everytime she lifted the camera to her face . Photo taking RSI . Easy cure , stop taking so many bloody photos . Ps you probably realized that she didn't take this one , her elbow was to sore .

Belly full , thirst quenched , off to bed with a complaining elbow . Goodnight Jim bob .

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