Monday, September 2, 2013

2/9/13. Day 1 Turkey Tour

Breakfast hotel , big choice , long day on bus ahead , caution required , simple breakfast .
Tour leader, Memis , pronounced memish , not hashis as some dill was calling him , took us on short tour of old city , 

  Some old thing stuck in middle of walkway .

The Blue Temple , I know it doesn't look blue , it's named because of all the blue tiles inside .

 Some bloke said I look like a girl I should dress like a girl . At least that's what HS said he said .
Inside temple took camera off HS and moved away to take photos .

One of the photos .

While I was taking photos , a crowed was forming near by , walked over and here was HS starting to shake uncontrollably  , seeing me she grabbed the camera back and the shakes stopped . 

That was enough , back towards hotel , lunch same place as night before , good again . Back , packed , check out ,easy   ( oh done that , easy ) .

Long bus ride first day , the wheels on the bus go round and round , done that also , running out of material ,long time to get out of Istanbul , it is 200km long , how's that for a city , 20 mill people in one city , and every one has a relative in Australia . 

Crap tea on way , arrive hotel , not bad at all , a couple of beers just to be polite and bed .

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