Tuesday, September 17, 2013

17/9/13 Sardines and Bazaar

Up , usual stuff , down to 4 people for breakfast . Off to Grand Bazaar , first drop off laundry , my clothes getting bit smelly . Caught sardine tram , packed in that tight , no oil , bit of garlic , bit of BO, fun ride ! Actually it was an experience .  

Entrance to Grand Bazaar , we beat crowds again ,

O wife you are the light of my life  , o yuk ! Poetry is definitely not my forte .

Still no crowds , note the shiny chrome dome . My head people .
There is 64 lanes and 2000 shops , shoppers paradise . Only bought 1 , yes 1 t shirt . 18 TL . ( $10 )
That could be because we're broke . Managed a coffee each , loose change in back pack .

Walk back to Hotel to disco room , HS needs 1/2 hr Nana Nap .
Made some on and off Viber phone calls. Happy birthday Jules , hi Helen , Mick , hi Mozz , hang in there . 

Decided to go to Taksim Square . First board sardine tram . Get to stop part way there , every one gets up I sit down , wow a seat . Next all these niceTurkish people start talking and gesturing at us , penny drops got to get off . Go to move left to platform , no , Turkish man turns me right facing tracks , he's trying to kill me , out we go . Hang on others doing same . All these people were only helping , but I know what they were saying , dumb bloody Aussie tourists . Ok so they're right .

Board next tram , not so squeezy . End of stop down up down , find Funicular , why they call it fun I don't know , no one was telling jokes or laughing , and you only see grey walls . 

Arrived at top , Taksim square , where's the protests , mainly police , HS reputation must have proceeded her . Well I wanted to start up a protest , a protest to replace Abbott with Turnbull . 
Abbott who, Turnbull who , protest was a fizzier . No riots , no baton charge , 1 single protester . 

Hey HS , has she pinched your jeans ?

No one to protest , a bit of a concrete jungle , there is park off to left .

A bit dissappointing , went and had a drink to drown my dissappointment of course . Found hotel where we were originally going to stay . Another story . Back down the unfunicular , onto not so squeezy sardine tram , no halfway stops this time ,no Turks laughing at us , back to hotel .

Found new street for eating , about 20 min walk . Wall to wall eaterys both sides of road . One joint must have been Aussie , bloke standing outside balancing 3 glasses of beer on his head , one on top of each other while he danced to everyone's cheering . Definitely Aussie joint .

Got conned by restaurant owner to eat at his place , best conn I've had , best meal I've had . Spicy lamb , still sizzling on plate , yum .Sat beside Aussie chicks on left , loverly young ladies , and spoilt yank brat on right . HS talked me into sweets , twisted my arm actually . They are apparently famous for their banana and chocolate crepe , 1 for me thanks , none says HS . 

What does the bloody waiter do , brings out 2 plates and 2 spoons , I had to share one of the best sweets ever . Not happy Ray . Got over it on walk home , needed walk . Hotel , disco room , bed . 

Goodnight all .

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