Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/9/13. A boating we will go .

Another fab breakfast . No hangover for those that are curios . Back on bus , on bus off bus , this seems to be our lot at the moment .  Over the mountain to a quaint little seaside village about an hour away . 

Our boat , takes 50 , we have 20 ,boat to our selves . That's the captains wife , cook and deckhand and sales person , that's what I call multi skilling . 

The cheek of HS , I took this picture after I pinched the camera when she wasn't looking but she goes and puts it on her Facebook , well I suppose it was her camera .

Boat to boat ice cream sales . Seamed to arrive not long after great meal prepared by captains wife and consumed by appreciative passengers .

Moved around , swam with turtles , could not get close except for first stop , not sure of who was scared of who . Swam over ruins , even there sea is going to ruin . Sailed past edge of sunken city , no stops allowed here .

Just to show HS  is still with me . HS actually beat me into the water , there is a first time for everything . Just shows how good the water was . 
Accosional joke , about drying my hair , enough all ready . 

More swimming , more turtles , back to dock , hop on bus , the wheels on bus go round and round , hotel , hop off bus , shower then off for drink and meal by ourselves .

My charming companion , with her obligatory , wine in hand , and messa plate in front . Only time you are guaranteed to get camera out of hand .that must have been someone else's beer in bottom cnr .

Walk around area , ice cream for desert , back to hotel for bed . 
     Good night John Boy .

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