Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 2 Yao Yai Island

More blue skies , blue seas how monotonous off to Yao Yai island . Arrive just off YY Resort , next door new resort $2000 a night yea right , ill be back for a week .

Drop anchor , buy the way extra job forward hatch boy . No one else seems to go down there ? Must have done a good job allowed to go swimming with senior ranks . The water is not cold , what's wrong with this place , you can jump straight in . Swim finished , hang on I have to shower on deck , where do they get off .

Must have been ok invited to have drinks with senior ranks on deck . Smooth water , watch neighbors arrive , not too close , brilliant sunset ( sorry Jan ) cooling breeze , at least I don't have to put a top on for a fab dinner by Lee . Thank god cooking is not in my job description , they would make me walk the plank after her meals .

More drink , stressed out off to bed .