Thursday, December 6, 2012

Days 4& 5

Sorry falling behind , life is so hectic here .mornings same same , fresh fruit etc Bs bs ti . Forgot boat to boat service fresh alive prawns $13 for 1.8 kl . Hard to take , ok not for those that don't like sea food , stiff . Went ashore with Lee to get some fresh fruit Neil was having a 2 hr massage , no not what you dirty minded people are thinking . Had to walk 50 mts . Walk we are supposed to be on water .

Nights not much different , food , drinks ,relax , forgot galley butching . Bed

Mornings the same , Lunch another delight from Lee , but don't tell her . Neil working on his water maker . Me trying to hide , hard on a boat . Hang on winds come up , so is Neil work stops hiding stops , up anchor .

Motor out , point into the wind , ok Ray what do I remember , a few minutes of retraining , earning my keep , sails up we're off . About 2.5 hrs of real sailing . First real sail for Neil & Lee since off the hard . Might be that Neil was at this time . The smile on there faces was worth seeing .

Nearly back from where we left wind drops off , who cares it was great . Sails down , remember my training everything stowed away as should . Ropes coiled , gee I'm not doing too bad , no one has had a go at me , maybe they are over joyed with the sailing .

Great evening , swim , shower on deck ,still , drinks from Neil, meal from Lee , no way am i wrapping her up again , sunsets ( sorry Jan ) solitude only 1 neighbor tonight , bed .

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