Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 9

Woke early , officers still asleep , they do that well . Awake to spectacular scenery . Best part is even anchored you get different view depending on breeze and current , unlike home unless you change pictures on walls .

Breakfast , same standard , did the galley butch bit , got stressed so relaxed read , swam , someone has to do it , emailed Jan , replied , sorry Jan galley two small to take cooking lessons .

Panwa Bali anchorage

Finger filter effect


  1. Getting a bit arty with you photos. Do you plan to take over photography on our trips as well as journal? Just back from huge Christmas lunch at Rhonda's. 38degrees outside & the workmen were laying bitumen in Rhonda's court. Need a holiday I've been so busy!!! Xxx

  2. Hi Jan, come on over, your berth is waiting!