Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6 at least I think it is .

Wake up nothing changes , position maybe , weather , water sun , we can have 4 seasons in one day in Melbourne . Nothing like here . Breakfast etc on deck .

Off to Boat Harbor , Neil needs parts . Pleasant motor , anchor off entrance . Lee stays behind Neil takes me in dingy and sees if he can bounce my insides out , nearly succeeds , luckily we hit 4 k zone before it happens .

Bit of shopping , parts for yacht . Lunch time , taking to their usual lunch spot , other cruisers ie other silly buggers living the life , you no weather etc etc .

Every one looks at Neil , cruisers shop assists , every one then me and say where's Lee . What were they joined at the hip or do they think Neil's opened the cupboard door . Get my drift .

Done something right Neil takes me for a iced coffee , not bad , except for the same look and question . Met another cruiser Ron nice bloke . Stopped off at another yacht , talked yachty talk , hey what else do you do on a yacht , even could follow conversation , at least I nodded at the right times .

Back to yacht , must have felt sorry for me , my insides stayed in . Up anchor which means me down in the forward hatch . Off we go , not long later we drop anchor off a top class resort . Down in the forward hatch again , I,m sure they are thinking about putting my bed down there .

Same ol same ol . gin and tonic from Neil another one of those meals from Lee , how many different meals can this woman prepare . I'm convinced she his hiding agreat Thai cook somewhere . Different scenery tonight , no neighbors except the dills in the resort who paid a fortune to look at us .

Usual stuff , more drinks and conversation from the Captain and Admiral , still not sure which one is which . Stressed out must go to bed .

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  1. Just a reminder to find out the name of Ley & Neil's dentist & would the do veneers? Don't forget to buy sunnies and watch at duty free. X