Saturday, December 8, 2012

Left boat

Ok all jokes aside now , probably because Holliday over , I was going to say working Holliday but who am I kidding . Yes I helped out here and there , but I knew before coming over and before asking that the yacht was just back in the water and there would be jobs to be done . Actually I think they held back because I was on board . We still got in a bit of sailing and a reasonable amount of motoring and I also a lot of relaxing , swimming , eating and a small amount of drinking . Not all was alcohol The 1/2& 1/2 were refreshing and also the G& T's , they didn't taste like they were alcoholic.

To Neil and Lee once again thank you , I had a really great time , I know you would have liked to have given me and yourself more sailing time and I know you will next time .

To anyone else considering going over to enjoy the pleasure of Lee & Neil's company , I can only recommend you do , they will welcome you very warmly , but there are rules on the yacht but you do realize why they are there and they don't deter from the trip .

One other thing , there is a boarding Tax , you heard me right . The Tax 1 large Vegemite per person and if you are feeling generous a bottle of tanquery gin . This is Ok though if you like both you get to share the tax . Vegemite on home made fresh bread and refreshing Gin & Tonic .

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  1. Ray, guess you earnt a promotion on this trip from Deckie to First Mate, but that still mean you have to do all your old jobs and now a few more extras. Neil says you have to come back here for the Official Promotion Ceremony!