Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3

Morning blue skies ,blue sea how monotonous , first up , sleepy heads . What to do ? Relax , read take in the peace and quiet , one of the neighbors slip away , early birds .

Neil and Lee finally up . 7am a bit late . Breakfast , cut up fresh fruit , muesli ,toast tea or coffee , what do they think I'm unhealthy . All this on deck in the cockpit . You know blue this blue that lush green etc etc how boring . Pay up time has arrived galley butch time has arrived .

Done good job allowed to go swimming . Usual shower on deck . Must be conserving hot water .more reading hang out washing bring it back in dry 1hr later . Weather good for that .
Hang on I have to put a top on again we are going ashore for lunch . Only way to get me to put top on , I must be the only one that likes the sight of me bare chested .

Thai meal not the same as home must be that it is all fresh and cooked by real Thais . Outdoor , view out over lawns and beach to Crystal Blues . Do they think this will impress , well maybe a little . About $5 each including drinks .

Back on boat top off , more swimming , relaxing , reading refreshing 1/2 1/2 drink . Not bad . Evening drinks on deck same b seas b water tropical isl great sunset ( sorry Jan ) . And to top it all off don't tell her another fab meal from Lee . Neil not a bad barman , and don't let on but he is good company as is Lee but keep that to yourselves , one big head around is enough . Time for bed .

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