Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 7 I think

Ok were off for Ao Po Marina ( funny names over here ) just around bend or point for nautical minded . Neil has business meeting later in the day . Forgot breakfast etc etc , don't want to bore you . Arrived in Marina , docked smoothly thanks to Captain , Admiral , what ever Neil .

All tied up . Lee downloading , Neil working on water purifier , me , new job description TA . Hey Pauline at this rate I might make first mate . Pretty bad when you have a Captain & Admiral and I can't get a ranking above deck hand . Actually goffer might be a better job description . Neil was good explained all as we went along , at least pretended I was not completely dumb . Thanks Neil .

Ok , yea I mentioned it earlier , guess what you thought I was joking , no guess who is swabbing the decks , me . Still trying to work out what I did wrong . Hey I'm not joking . Also polishing , life on the seas as deck hand .

Neil's guests arrive , bloody hell I thought I was a guest . Wrong again . Very Nice people though , even talked to me , one even thought I was an IT expert , fooled him for 30 sec . There off to restaurant for lunch , I have a sandwich with Lee , guess who got the better deal , Me you fools .

Guess what no showering on deck in Marina , you beaut hot shower , actually a bit of let down , not sure why . Neil returns , drinks , no swimming off back deck , evening meal , no great sunset in Marina . Company great though . Keep that to yourself . Bed

Me in the forward hold , please can I come up .

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  1. Your new bedroom looks very cosy!! Sounds like all sore throats have cleared up. X