Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last day on water !!!!

Well nearly as started . Up early , sitting on deck waiting for sleeping officers . What a life . Blue skies , blue sea , lush green island one side , lush green mainland on others , slight more breeze , sound familiar , it should .

Officers up . Breakfast: fresh fruit cut up by Lee , tea ,coffee, muesli , toast by Neil , what other boat would you get breakfast made and served by officers . Oh yes the bread is baked by Lee on board . Better than bought . Gee I don't need to suck up in more I'm leaving this afternoon . Galley butch duties , the one blight on the day , suck up and do it .

This morning I actually asked for the music , what's happened to me . More relaxing , a little TA work assisting Neil . Swim , what other job to you get to have a swim when you get hot .

Lunch gourmet sandwiches , what would you expect . Neil offered to hire a car and get up about 4.30 drive me to airport so I could stay the extra night . 1hr trip each way . Too much to ask , so I decided to go and stay near Nai Yang beach close to the airport .

Taxi took me to wrong airport resort , this one about 2km away from beach , did not know till I walked passed. Other 500 mts away from beach . Typical my luck . Dinner on beach unfortunately , something was getting more nutrient from my ankles than I was putting in . No repellent . Luckily itching lasts only short time .

Back at resort looked for hose by pool for shower , none so I had to shower inside . Bed , bloody king size , tried to make bed in cupboard more what I was used too. Sleep .

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