Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 8

Sorry loosing track of time ,all actually had dinner at marina with Robin last night , service slow but meal great . Robin left we caught bike taxi back to boat

Still in Marina , Robin (male) one of Neils guests returns to sail down to Ao Chalong . Little wind must motor much to Robins disappointment , but he still enjoyed as we all did . Great Lunch . Reached destination , swam once again , showered on deck again , not bad I admit . Neil ferries Robin ashore .

On return up anchor we move across to Panawa Bali . Remember Jan . A lot quieter , cleaner water , yes the water can be cleaner in places . Drop anchor down again Ray , still no bed thank god . Drinks quiet time , leftovers for tea , once again that Thai cook must have come out from hiding . Enjoy the peace and quiet . Blogg to ever can put up with this dribble . Another drink from Neil . What a good bloke , making up for the swabbing of the decks .

Writing my blog as ordered by Jan

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  1. Life's a Beach!! Please take some cooking lessons from Ley while you're there! X