Friday, December 7, 2012

Still day 9

Lee and Neil need to stock up before going to Lagkawi . Also the toaster and Neil's shaver karked it , terrible sight definitely need a new one . Swim first ,shower on deck keep this up and I will look like a prune . shirt on , bugger , board dingy and in . Tied up end of jetty 800mts long caught jetty bus to end .

First things first , lunch . Remember the lighthouse eatery Jan ? Hire a car were off . Restocked , visited various parts of island , centers , upmarket , down market , no market , what a range . New toaster , new shaver , captain Bligh will look normal again . Fresh fruit etc .

Drive up some side streets , interesting bars , off to find yacht club for evening meal . Very nice , no marina , nearly all come in by dingy . Another good meal , luckily non fattening , maybe the chips , chicken schnitzel ,first western meal since arriving .

Dropped off car , walked about 1km to jetty , passed more interesting bars , did say passed , got to jetty , right again bus service finished . New job description , pack mule . Back on board , unpacked , quiet drink , no we are not drunks just cruisers . Besides we do sweat a lot .

Relax , watched taped show , bed . Ps the photos are for you Jan

Ley had snapper and bok choy.  Yum!

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