Thursday, August 29, 2013

28 /08/2013 now I think I have it right .

Up early , all before have enlightened us about the queues at the catacombs . Metro , getting easier , arrive 45 min early . Bloody queue . South African couple in front of us inform us , that there is about 160 people before us and as they let 200 in at a time we should be right . Chatted with them while waiting . 

10 o'clock comes , open , 1hr later we get to entrance , yes 200 hundred in catacombs at same time but they spread you out . We were 170. And 171 to enter . 

 Steps down  130 of them , and was that a tight spiral . I will give up on the jokes here , not sure how I felt . 1 , i wanted to see it and glad I did . 2 it didn't seem right being there and taking pictures .

It actually was amazing , we walked 2km of tunnels out of 300k's . I will let the photos do the talking .

The South African said there dead , they won't care , another said there souls have left them , they are only bones , still not sure how I feel . One thing I know for sure is I would not like the job of the guards down there , not because its scary , but it is dark , cold and damp in some places . Only 80 odd steps to surface , disenorintated when reach surface ,off in one direction , oops wrong way , last time I let HS Leed way .

Arrive at Luxembourg Gardens , pretty good , but our botanical better . HS wanted to go to specialty chocolate shop she read about . Yep I found it for her , of course , HS happy then I'm happy . In this case I was very happy . Hot chocolate and cake .

 See the little advertising on top , sorry I ate mine too fast for HS to take photo . Everything was written in French and the loverly French lady spoke no English , but I'm sure the signs said definitely no calories . There can't be as there is only fat tourists over here , very few fat Frenchies . That was not a fat reference to this blog writer . I'm sure the more of there pastries I eat the thinner ill get .

Off to see another church , not hard in this place , there's nearly one on every corner . This one St Suplice , seen one seen them all , this one could do with a scrub up inside . 134 years to build , time for spring clean .

HS wants Pantheon next ,( happy her , happy me .) this place is in the process of a spring clean . Looking good . 

This actually the way to the toilets , how clever we're the builders , those hundreds of years back , making provision for toilets with porcelain bowls and running water , very advanced . 

 Why this photo , well HS complained about another photo I took , I didn't get her pink pants  in , well here thy are , woman .

 Here they are again happy now . Note pub in left corner , a pommy pub in Paris , well you would have to have a drink of course .

 The view to another church of course .
Returned to apartment , put together some bits and pieces and meal in . 

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