Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 5 Gaudi Overload .

Ok this photo is of the day before . HS wanted one of us having a meal on beach . HS not happy me not happy ( get my drift ) . Unfortunately we only had one photo of me , she did have the camera . 

Contemplation , I think they short changed me on the beer , will I or wont I have another , your guess . 

Ok back to present day , this next photo shows how bloody early we get up , this is la Rambla usually packed . Actually thinking about it the Barcelonians go to bed so late they don't get up to late . Most  of the shops that don't sell food shut for about 3 hrs about lunch . They like there old fart naps too ( OFN )

 Don't I look lonely . At least at this time of the morning there's no bloody buskers chasing me .

On to another Guadi production , this one he transformed an existing home . Casa Batllo .

Scary stuff hey !

It's like a masquerade party for a building .

I think during this period he was hitting the LSD a bit hard , he was having psychedelic nightmares . Lucy in the sky with diamonds . All that aside , the concepts he used were absolutely brilliant . Don't think I'm to hard on the guy , half his peers thought he was strange . The other half he shared his LSD with , my theory . More photos .

You may notice that when you enter this house weird devises attach to your ear , and no matter how hard you try , you can't get them off , until you leave . HS is not actually smiling , that's a grimess  as she tries to pull hers off . 

The next photo HS actually stopped to take in her rush to the roof , you should know why by now , the rush to the roof that is .

 If you hadn't guessed why the hurry now you know  , she actually dislodged that contraption from her ear , nothing was going to  ruin her photo with her phallic chimney stacks .

As we left so early we had not had breakfast , nothing was open when we left  , so,we stopped near by , my mistake , turned out a cheap copy of Maccas . One small hic up in one fab City . 

Walked up to next Gaudi building , HS insisted , I wonder why ?  Casa Milo  or La Pedrera  ( apparently this means stone quarry ) for more info go to , where else the Internet , I'm not a bloody tourist guide .

 Was this man different or what ? This was actually a unit complex . Be still my hang over . 

And why the desperation to get here .

 First up , these stacks were called Witch scarers , obviously by this photo that's a myth . Second someone was told stop stroking the stack and no you can't take it home with you . Not happy Jan . Once again HS can give a personalized copy of each and every stack if requested . Oh yes she actually took a photo of me after a lot of pleading .

If you look hard you can see Sagrada Familia  , no behind the green top fools . Again in this building his brilliance was apparent .
Finally dragging an unhappy HS away with the promise  of food  we headed back to a place HS read about . Luckily I found it , away you doubters . Not only was the place good , the food and of course the drink good , we also managed to give the buskers the slip . A bonus .

 Cafe d Estiu behind the Barcelona Cathedral .

 Food and drink or drink and food , happy  is back . 

Left , wandered a bit more , stopped for drink next door to Hotel , only to re hydrate . Then back for the obligatory OFN . Refreshed , back next door to court yard for Tapis and you can't have Tapis without refreshment . 

 Will I be able to drink all this , can't insult the owners , force myself . Night over back to room , Que. sera sera . 

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  1. Hey as our roving the world marina spotters, did you see any marinas around this area? Love it, must put it on our to do things in Europe list.