Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 6 casual day , take it as it comes

'Able to sleep in as no specific place to go . If you call waking 1/2 hr longer than normal then we slept in . Next door for breakfast , no the other side .

 The place was actually full until HS produced her camera , with yells of no its HS HS the place quickly emptied .

This is the owner pleading with HS to hurry and eat our food as we are costing her money .
With a hurried breakfast finished we wandered down the Rambla , watched the buskers  who dress as statues getting themselves made up . These buskers don't worry me as I can out run them  , besides seeing as they weren't ready they could not ask for money . Must remember to come back a different way just in case they do run.
Off in different direction than we had been , no tourists , actually next to nobody , head back different way but same direction , interesting . 
HS not taking many photos , not much to photo . HS decides wants cake from particular patisserie , guess what that is in completely opposite side of La Rambla  . Hope my Mojo still working head that way .of course it's working I found it , first try.

 The charming young lady next to me thought I was Brad Pitt and wouldn't leave me alone , one of us was dreaming ! 

These are what we bought , I got into trouble because I scoffed mine and HS didn't get a taste , bloody delicious , don't tell HS  . I told her it was terrible . 

Wandered some more to work up appetite , have to force myself to eat , can't work out why I'm not losing weight . Went to Orio's for lunch . May or may not have been where Sid  & Marilyn have eaten . Here you have a large choice of Tapis in small sizes with tooth picks holding them together . You get a plate and you serve yourself and at the end they charge you by the number of toothpicks on plate . It was embarrassing HS had to put some of her toothpicks on my plate .

From here wandered some more , went to Fresh food market near hotel . Brilliant .

There actually was fish , meat , fruit and veg as well but these appealed most to me .

Long time since drink , back to one of our fav spots , refreshing . And of course , that completed , back for OFN .

As I'm typing this classical music is being played somewhere in distance , and no one asking me for my hard earned . A bonus on both counts . 

Last supper , sorry last evening meal in Barcelona . Next door where we have had breakfast , a lovely young lady has tried to encourage us in there for an evening meal since we got here , obviously has not heard of HS reputation . We declined to the point she just shrugs and smiles as we go by . Tonight the same , so I said not trying tonight , short story we ate there , lovely meal , thou a little more than we normally paid elsewhere . Wanted picture with young lady , HS took it but must not have been happy , photo blurred . I suspect deliberate . Back to room for night , Que  sera sera . 

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