Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 7 continued

Sorry if my blog is so spasmodic , but the Internet here is s--t . I think they are keeping their Internet in line with there architecture . Ancient .

Where were we , right SILL back to apartment , more yak more snap , then continued on . A snack on route , another story for later . About 100 mts from apartment found section with wall to wall eateries , every nationality you can name , even a French one . Across to big island ( Ile De La Cite ) . You can see why I stick to big and little , besides I'm a simple person . 

Across Pont Neuf , oldest bridge in Paris , builders of west gate should have taken lessons . Loverly park on point .

As you can see French chick still with us .

Went to square , which is actually shaped like a triangle , who am I to argue . Then into the palais of justice , didn't hang around there to long , you never know . Now for some fun to a flower market , thankfully most was closed . 

More walking , left big isle , over to right bank , SILL made some purchases from stall venders , can't say what don't know who is reading this . Right bank to left bank via Pont covered in lovers locks .

I was too cheap to by a lock , saving money for food and drink of course , priorities .

Still following , can't seem to shake her .

Continued on back towards unit , more yak more snap . Finally gave SILL the slip . 
Did a little grocery shopping .

No , look what's in my hand , not what's walking away from me .
After showering and cleaning up we went back to restaurant area mentioned earlier for dinner . 
Dig HS plate of mussels , she is not half pleased . 

Foot note , have to read fine print in red which is nearly invisible in low light . My meal cost an extra 4euro . Still worth it . Home to bed . 

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