Friday, August 30, 2013

29/8/2013 O my aching ear drums .

AWe're off to see the wizard , sorry carried away , actually the Opera . Get there at 10 for opening , no queues , bloody amazing . So is the the building . I've started to realize that every time I pay an entrance fee , I relate it too how many beers or what food I could have had instead , am I obsessed .
Amazing place and if you want more info , remember I'm not a tour guide .
Sat down on stairs outside to plan ahead and what happens SILL tracks us down , how big is Paris and how big the population . Now you know the meaning of the heading . Only 2 days between , you would think conversation would be limited ? 
Maybe if I take the two of them to feed their faces  this might slow them down . Walked to Chartier , a great eating place we went to last time . I must be kidding , you could feed these two a mouthful of tacks and they would still keep yaking .

One up side is HS not taking  as many snaps as normal . 

 How embarrassing was this , the word had obviously got around about HS and SILL reputation , the waiters were drawing straws to see who was to serve our table . Never before have I had all the waiters turn their backs on us . Well this has done it the Y is being added , it is now SILLY ( sister in law Linda yakking ) .

Eventually the loser came to serve us . He was not happy . would not even let HS take his photo . 

 The duo shared these , and not to be outdone HS did the Pretty Woman thing , tricky little suckers , but the waiter was no where to be seen to catch the shell . You can take the woman out of western suburbs but you can't take the western suburbs out of the woman .
We then left to take SILLY back to show her the champagne bar at GALLERIES LAFAYETTE . (Where are my ear plugs) , the best thing to do was tune out and walk ahead ,one time I thought yes I can hear them behind me until I realized  it was French being spoken , tuned out too much . They were a block back oblivious .
Eventually got there , mostly yak not much snap .
Left them to do there thing went to try buy better Internet , ears needed rest , tried to give them the slip  back at Lafayette s , failed .

 The view from champagne bar , impressive . 
Decided to walk back , via Stohrers , more food , but how could you resist .

 Only bought one piece , could have bought shop . Walked further towards home , found a particular shop for SILLY to purchase gifts , pointed her in the right direction for her apartment , and left in other direction . Bells of Notre Dame started ringing , it's time to say good by , or maybe that was just in my head . Love ya SILLY , will miss you , enjoy your time in England . 

 The Long Hop , Aussie pub just down the  street from us .

 Entrance to our apartment , the lady was asking HS where SILLY was .

 My treat from Stohrers .

A little bit about our unit . I have stayed in places where if you dropped the soap in shower it was so small you had to climb out to pick it up .i have been where you can shower and s--- at same time , the toilet has been in same space as shower . But this is a first where you have to sit side saddle on the loo , and that has nothing to do with my size smart arses . There is no space for any ones knees .

Went back up towards Pantheon to La Petite Caffe , HS had lovely salad , and me a delicious steak , fabulous and popular little spot . That's all folks .

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  1. Where is your side saddle photo I remember the time Jan had to take three photos of you doing the four ssss. Breath in lol lol