Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First day Barcelona continued.

Taxi from airport to hotel Ingles easy . Just off La Rambla , small hotel small room , clean cosy ,what more could you want .walked around side streets , more like pedestrian walkways .shops every where . Every door or security screens covered in graffiti but not buildings , good to see there is some respect ! Stopped for drink , snack in small square .

 Must have sign on forehead , love buskers , every where we sat in front of us they would start . Some good some ? . They must have rotation system , as soon as you handed money over they moved on and another took there place . Money is going to run out sooner than planed , may have to busk myself only need a hat and stand on head or something . The 4 behind us insisted on being in photo,bloody extroverts .

This will only interest the woman but the young and occasionally not so young must be having an unofficial competition to see who can wear the smallest shorts , terrible . Well for the men I should have brought a skateboard , shame I left mine at home .

Jan missed out on dinner that evening we went back to our room , I put my head down for a few minutes crashed and couldn't be woken , any way that's her story .

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  1. You could double your chances if you could play the spoons lol :)))