Saturday, August 31, 2013


,Slow and easy getting up , reality is it is getting harder to drag HS out of bed . Usual brekky , muesli , yogurt , tea , orange juice , fruit if we have any . Most important activity so far . LAUNDRY . Well HS clothes are getting a bit on the nose  and some of my clothes jumped in by themselves .  Did yesterday's blog while there , either that or watch the clothes go round and round and round , you get my drift . The wheels on the bus go round and round , sorry . Where was I , 
 Are you excited by this photo , how French . It was full until   HS pulled out her camera . Don't they look like bus wheels , maybe you had to be there .

 Stopped at le marche ( market for you lot ) on way back , bought lunch at Boulangerie . Bruschetta for me , Hs bagette with tuna , fish breath . Back home to eat  . 

View from our window back to market .

Another , Thai on left , Lebanese in front , very popular at night .

Off for walk , HS wanted to see a couple of coffee shops that are supposed to be famous . HS happy , ray happy . 

Closest Metro just around cnr .

Must be running out of things to show as HS running out of things to photograph . This is the street all the places HS wanted to see we're in .

 More chocolate

And who just had to buy some , look at grin on face will you .

Oldest church in Paris 
Sat in nice garden next to church , shared bench with loverly elderly French lady . As we had 3 pieces of chocolate ,HS offered her second piece to madam French . She was quite pleased , not sure HS was , giving up her second piece , turned out she spoke English , had a French daughter , Aussie son in law and they lived in America , go figure . Two famous coffee spots nearby with a lot of French toffs sitting there and we proceeded back .

Musos were playing , put money in and was retrieving change , didn't do this guys clarinet any good when he hit me over the head .

Headed back detoured to see where Sid and Marilyn stayed , bit swish .

Went back across that river onto the big island across to the small island , all because wanted a special ice cream , new saying , happy wife , happy life . It was worth it 

Little bit obscene looking , but tasted great .
Next , had to have drink at Long Hop , the Aussie bar .

The piece de resistance , HS was holding out for the Blue Train Restaurant ,thanks Margo  ,  it cost me a fortune . 

Don't tell HS , but it was worth it .
Back home via that river , little , island then big island then that river again then home .
And again that's all folks .

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  1. The Blue Train Restaurant looks something special.

    Love the "selfie" pic with the ice creams.