Monday, August 19, 2013

Flight or more to the point flights

What a good airline are Emirates , they really want you to see the world . How ? well first of all they have a11/2 hr stopover at Singapore at 1:20 am . Great closed shops ,a couple open . But then they know how much we like to queue up . Even though we haven't left the terminal they give us the pleasure all over again and to really please us we get our bags x rayed also ,
so generous then back on to the same plane we came in .

Next Dubai Airport . Well they are so ready to please and show off , that even though they must be one of the biggest airports in the world they park the plane in the furthest part of airport , then give us the grand tour back to the terminal . Included ,plane service centers , new construction site , they must be proud , service vehicle storage , airport fire trucks , maybe a little primitive for such an airport or maybe it was a museum . More construction , car parks , no expense sparred . 18 riveting minutes later we arrive at drop off with the obligatory queue and x rays . 

Enjoyed short walk then coffee at favorite spot Paul's but could not get onto Internet . Disappointing .
Filled in time doing the obligatory 3k walk .Some one Misread their watch and a embarrassing moment ensued  with some dickhead standing outside woman's toilet calling out , Jan you have to hurry. No idea who that was !
On leaving ,  Emirates decided , as it was dark on way in they would give us the grand tour leaving . Must have taken short cut as only took 16 min . All this for no extra on ticket price , how lucky are we .

Arrived Barcelona airport , had to wait on board untill emergency patient was treated by medics .found way to baggage collection , fastest customs ever . Turned left to get baggage collection , you guessed should have gone right .

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  1. We thought you where only going to Spain not going a world your of international airports lol