Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 9 i think , yes it is . I have put 2 days together , blame Internet .

IBit slow on uptake here , we have reasons , story for another day .
Up around corner , fresh baget , two hot croissants , back for breakfast .
Just near apartment , small square , small shops , fruit , cheese , meat ,  patisserie , coffee shop . And a different market each day . How convenient ,purchased a couple of nice tarts for when we get home after all our walking . The partisery type , not red light district type , don't even know where that is .

Found laundry mat near by for HS , now i have done it , could work out machines but not detergent , nice  British couple gave us some detergent for later . Bit more money for drink .

We decided probably safe to leave apartment now , a story for another day . Google maps , that's Jan's name for me found famous bookshop , Shakespeare and co ,

HS happy me happy . Another sight crossed off .

 HS liked it so much I had to put another picture in .
Notre Dame metro , eventually found correct platform , takes a little time to work out , then off to Hotel Des Invalides , once again you want history , look up google or shop at Shakespeare and Co .

I will say that Napoleans tomb is there , such a big cask for such a little guy , must have put his ego in there with him . Also lots and lots of historic Armory .

 I think I would look good in this ,a real chick magnet .

 If the suit didn't work maybe this would .

You have to put a photo of the little fellas tomb in . I know I'm definitely not the little fellow . You could have put 6 of me in and we still had room to play cards . 

Off to Musee d'Orsay , I'm hungry , funny place to be going for food , just wait .
Magnificent building , the art work pretty good too .

 It has two of these clocks , as it used to be a rail station , I suppose they wanted every one to be on time , or the had bad eye sight back there .

 Now here's the reason I wanted to come here , they have a great cafe and great coffee and cake and situated looking out one of the clocks . Did I come for the history or food ? Good question , not sure of the answer myself .

 I'm in there on the right , can you see me . 

Actually we went straight to the cafe , then looked around , HS idea , I think not , but she didn't object . The place for and old railway station, is very impressive , there's hope for Flinders st station if only some one would look at restoration not comercialization . Did you like that , 

Sat on bank on fabulous seating looking at Rhine , another idea that could be pinched . Cant help getting on my soap box every now and then .Caught metro home , stopped to look at the fountain of St Michel . 

 Chrome dome in the photo again .HS insists .
Back at apartment , decided to stay in , HS ,finger now off the camera , whipped up some cheese , tomato , bagettes , and the tarts for the two of us . You and me can we be partners , you and me can we be friends , sorry getting carried away ,  That's all folks .

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