Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 7 Sister in Law day

No matter where you go or how far , there is always someone turning up and keeping you in check , that some one in our case is sil Linda . We left the unit and walked to meet SILL  at her designated point . SILL not being silly made it closer to her than us , in fact we had to go nearly past her place to meet . It's alright SILL it was worth it . 
Look at her will you , very French , well she is nearly a local been here for over two weeks . 
SILL took us to a local park , place de VOSGES , the oldest square in Paris , appropriate place for HS .  I only mean so she could take happy snaps , what were you thinking I meant . We stopped for coffee in square with SILL  , I thought if she had a coffee in front of her she would stop talking for a while . You heard the statement talking under water , well SILL can still talk with coffee cup to mouth . Will have to try if food works later . 

Actually she stops when photo being taken , but you can only hold  camera for so long .

French food doing me a lot of good or maybe the beer. 

Walked around small island ( Ile Saint Louis ) very quaint . HS and SILL stopped at a couple of interesting gift shops . I actually tried to make SILL into SILLY , not that she is and probably not appreciate it . Sister in law Lyn yaking ?? . Better not , will stick with SILL .

It's only been 3 weeks since they seen each , but you would swear it was years . Continued on snap, yak , snap ,yak .

Chocolate shop this time , we resisted , don't know how . Took SILL to show our apartment as it was near by .

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