Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day3 second day of HoHo

Yesterday blue line today red .
I would just like to state here that our pollies don't need to spend lots of money on overseas trips , just get on the Hop on Hop off , you soon see what works , common sense street designs , nice and straight major roads ,designated bike lanes, pedestrian lanes , bus lanes ,not closed off car lanes , clean same colored Taxis and plentiful , an army of workers cleaning the streets , and police that you see , not hidden behind speed traps , and lots of open space .

I'm off my soap box now .

Off bus , cable car to Montjuic, castle on hill top . Ok , but great views . Not sure what HS was thinking .

Something took her fancy ? The girls bum or three guys walking away ?

Decided to walk down to next cable car , HS with much trepidation . HS tried to strike up conversation with some people she met . Upset as they wouldn't talk to her 

Continued on after rebuff , reached next cable car , what a doozy . Will we won't we , hesitation but yes we go .

HS actually gave me the camera , needed two hands for some reason , also decided to leave finger marks in Steel hand rail . Still can't work out how you see much with eyes closed .

La Rambla , we were staying just in front  of closest church tower on right of Rambla . You may need magnifying glass . Reached far side no miss hap ( bit worried about not so happy , happy snaps ) 

HS back to normal , camera in hand , overlooking coastline .

Ground level ,coffee beer and food , stroll along beach , HS not so happy , naked men getting changed on beach , but all older and uglier than me . Me not so happy , no naked women getting changed , well one maybe , not sure what sex or  specie . Lovely beach , wish had bathers , but then again I am old and some say ugly , better not . 

Walked beach some more , then headed back through side streets and aly's back to hotel , fascinating , walk . Rested , needed it , in evening strolled again the ended up next door in open air court yard fot beer and tapis , correct order this time .


  1. Love getting up and reading you escapades especially the ones about HS and so enjoying your sense of humour

  2. Keep it up Ray, loving your blog xx