Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 7 Q&W Day

Day started off well , HS and I pre packed , then went off for breakfast . Found another spot on La Rambla . When in Spain do as the Spaniards , Spanish omelette for 2 . No rush this morning , relax and take time . As if , HS decides I need to walk off my food , polite way of saying I need to lose weight . Well at least she's polite , we are on holidays , and after her failed attempt to make friends the other day I'm the only one to talk too . 
Last time down the Rambla , sounding like a local , who knows , I don't speak Spanish . Watched street performers getting ready 

HS got indignant at one stage , a man , in front of police stood shaking a spray can while looking at bill board . I had to point out he was a performer about to spray himself . Now happy Jan . 

Down to Marina , over swing bridge , HS quiet  with  camera this morning , so we actually made progress . Finally decided I had worked off breakfast , back we go . Finish packing .

Ok worked out what Q and W is about . 
We wait to check out , we queue up for bus to airport , Q to get off bus . Q to check in , Q for security , Q for snack before boarding . Because we have to be there 2 hrs before then we have the big wait .
Etc  etc etc . All travelers know what I'm on about . 

The best thing about Easy Jet is they are always at the fertherest  point of airport so you always get one of those sight seeing tours of airport . Worth the wait . At Paris when we taxied over a couple of freeways I thought they were taking us into city centre . More Q and W . Last Q taxi .

What's happening first time for us in Europe its raining , HS must of upset the Gods .
Arrived at accommodation bit upset about my beding .

The tree didn't give much shelter , but for 5  euros a night , worth thinking about , besides right next door to cafe . Position , position position . 

Got to our real hotel , small as most appartments are , bit dark , when all lights turned off . Worst place we have been for lack of instructions but thanks to cath and norm they filled in most gaps . Bloody key though has mind of its own . Open straight away 1 time , 5 min next . Yet to work out what position to hold my tongue . Advertised free wi fi , yea right , public , not secure also having trouble publishing blog .

I also have to give credit to HS , at her insistence , for her assistance , if that makes sense . Sorry have to use Jan here, apologies HS . Jan has filled in gaps , or her diary has , all hail the diary . Jan , or HS for those who might be confused made a profound statement which was , between the two of us we nearly make one brain , she obviously doesn't give herself credit for the size of her brain , or does she ? 

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