Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 2 Gaudi Day

Up about 8 walking up La Rambla , hardly a person about what a change . Caught first hop on hop off bus for day . This was to be a Gaudi day . Was this man a nut or a genius , I think both , what an imagination . I have a theory,  I reckon he discovered LSD before any one else , it needed something like that for his designs , but then what genius to make it work . I would hate to wake up in some of his buildings with a hangover , you would still think your drunk .

Hopped of at Parc Guell . All his work ,  unbelievable , makes my theory , at least in my eyes , stronger.  2 hrs spent here , fab views of Barcelona , if your in to that sort of think . Mrs HS is doing her thing ( Happy Snaps or Jan Pitt when not on hols ).

Yes is how it is supposed to look .

Feeling like you have had to much to drink ?

How would any one come up with this design . LSD of course 

Spectacular . Also

Sorry getting carried away with photos .

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