Saturday, August 31, 2013

30/08/13. Withdrawals , the day after .

 Up and usual breakky . No hurry , I figure the longer we are inside the less photos being taken . Better move HS snaps is starting to get the shakes , withdrawals setting in . Down into Metro , off to Montmartre  , need to change trains , small amount confusion then were off . Sounds like a horse race , there off . Keep looking over shoulder , something or someone is missing . HS quieter than normal , or maybe this is normal . Change trains , looking over shoulder again , nope nothing . Arrived at Lamarck Caulaincourt station . Well I thought we would be above Montmartre and walk downhill to it .whats the saying , best layed plans , no we had to go up , by up I mean steep , 

Arrived at designation , still looking over shoulder , now I know I'm having withdrawals , SILLY not here , she is already in England . 

 To go down first you have to go up 

 I tried to run from HS camera but failed 

 HS let me take photo of her , actually she insisted 

 We realized last time we were here , we walked right past this without seeing it , how in hell can you walk past and not see it . Must have been watching one foot in front of other .

Continued on to see sights , went to Toulouse Lautrecs house , what a wreck . But the upside , boulangerie across road , you guessed food and drink  

 Inside photo 

 HS in window ,ps she had more than me .

Bit of story here , those that now HS history with young attractive Europeans when overseas , I don't know what she did here , but as we left and passing window he called her back in and gave her two croissants ???????       I did get to eat one , so who cares , feed Ray ,Ray happy .

 Van Gogh house , well it was when he was alive , have no idea who's now , who cares . 

 You must know where this is . Moulin Rouge of course . I did forget to point out we are walking back from Montmartre , that's how we ended up here . 

 Some sleeze  sprung trying to go in one of the numerous sex shops . He was offered a lap dance , but politely declined , 

Continued down passed Opera , stopped in men's shop to buy t shirt . Sales man started talking about Rose Tattoo and Angry Anderson and pointing at me , cheek of bugger I don't have tattoos . 
He wants me to bring back Aussie rules football if I come back , somehow he watches the game . Asking me this after he says I look like angry . I would if I could .

More walking , I think HS pointy finger getting tired , or she is missing yakking partner , withdrawals .

 In window near Louvre , wanted to bring one home , bit big to carry and some how probable more than I could afford .besides you had to ring bell for entry , as if they were going to let someone who looks like angry in .i think I'm insulted .

Back to apartment , rest before going to see Eiffel Tower lights at night . 

Metro again , change trains again , improving ,ticket inspectors called me a yank , in his words American , had to set him straight , sorry mate Aussie , they found that amusing ?  arrived at Trocadero  . What a view directly across , from Tower on other side of , what's the name of that river again . 

  See I don't look like angry .

 What a sight , HS or background  ? That's not my hair you see on edge of picture .

 Speaks for itself .

 Buying my tea on way home , well it is 10 ,30  tried hard to get him to smile , so did his partner .

Footnote      Am doing this blogg while we are doing the Laundry .
                    Also forgot to mention when we arrived back in apartment first time we were getting a snack after being there for about an hour , when I tripped over a black bag . It's so dark in the unit unless you put on the dozen or so lamps , no overhead lights , you can barely see . What did we have here , fresh linen , including stuff that wasn't here when we arrived , a towel for both of us , tea towel , bags for rubbish , were in heaven . Apart from the shortage of requirements when we arrived , the bloody lock , which I have reasonably mastered , the dark rooms except at window where we look out , the non secure Internet , we love where it is , a changing market 50 mts at one end of street . That river with the big island and fancy church on it . An Aussie pub , fruit and vegy shop , cheese , alcohol , breads cakes , coffee next to market . Met around cnr . I'd use here again . 

 My spot watching world go by .
that's all folks .

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