Friday, August 23, 2013

Sagrada Familia Day 4

Up early , taxi ,HS to lazy to walk , that's my story  , 6 euro , why would you walk . Queue up prepaid line 6 in front of us  .  9 am open , 6 in front delayed , guess who's first in by about 45 sec , give up , US , you bloody beauty . Once in your life you have to be first , what a time , blown away . Never have I been as impressed as this . Gaudi is the man . He must have passed the LSD stage .absolutely f'ing mind blowing . Have I got my point across , if not you must be a bit dull . 

Too much to put in writing an photos by both HS and me don't do it justice .

Sorry HS is not one of his creations , she just insisted on having her picture in .

 Sorry this ones not all that good but I'm still learning and I can't delete .

Ok now I have a new hero if that's not already obvious . You want more info well by a book ! 

Finally left , stopped for coffee and food at  small bakery . Didn't sell beer . Walked home through side and main streets . This city is amazing . Found a little tapas bar in quiet side street and of course had a wine ( HS ) and a Beer ( me ) of course , silly you if you thought HS was having the beer. Left bought some stuff , then back to unit to freshen up . That's code for old fart nap . After refreshed ( OFN ) we had more Tapas and drinks in square behind  church near  us .

Went to Barcelona Cathedral after 5:15 . Why that time you ask , because its Free and that leaves 12 Euros for more food and drink of course . Where not silly .once again you want to know more use the Internet . Wandered back through allies back to hotel to freshen up again ( OFN ) . Wandered streets looking for somewhere different to eat , got conned into the Stoke Bar , dark dingy , only excitement was the Amazon who had to duck to get in and her 3 midget , well compared to her they were , mates . Back around corner to Hotel and crashed . 

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